The Fantastic

Can cling almost any where presents your dwelling a correct theater visual appearance substantial resolution versions are out there

The Undesirable

Glass screens are fragile and very hefty – a undesirable blend screens also reflect mild which can degrade the impression high-quality

The Bottom Line

If you have an empty wall craving for a substantial tv, a 50″ plasma could be a excellent choice. Just be informed of the drawbacks that arrive with possessing one of these televisions. Retain the services of expert installers for the mounting brackets and be guaranteed to have the set shipped to your dwelling by gurus as well.


If you have been won around by the strategy of hanging your tv on the wall just as you might cling a portrait, then the 50″ plasma product might be for you. By 50″, we necessarily mean 50 inches. By plasma, we necessarily mean one of the hottest tv technologies out there. Even though this strategy of possessing a substantial monitor mounted to your wall almost like in a film theater is amazing, the real query is need to you make the order?

Naturally, the means to cling the monitor on the wall is amazing and is not just advertising hoopla. These screens are so thin that you can pretty much cling them on almost any wall of your dwelling. In one business, a couple even hangs their tv on the ceiling of their bed room.

Since you can cling the monitor, you might be going to have much more overall flexibility and can often order a bigger product than you might have been equipped to healthy in your dwelling usually. In addition, you can hide all of the wires and electrical power connections in the wall to give the monitor a cleaner visual appearance.

Now is a excellent time to take into account buying a 50″ plasma since costs have started off to arrive down and will without doubt arrive down further as much more persons adopt HDTV know-how. Be very careful about buying only on cost.

You want to shell out notice to the resolution, as well, since this is going to establish the high-quality of your image. The most affordable resolution you can expect to likely obtain on these versions is 720p. You actually want both 1080i or 1080p. If you want the most effective image high-quality possible and you can afford the up grade, go for the entire 1080p.

There are some down sides when you order a 50″ plasma, however. For one, the monitor is fragile. Since of the know-how, the monitor is almost solely created of glass. Glass can conveniently be broken obviously. The glass monitor also tends to make the sets heavier than you might visualize.

For this purpose, possessing the wall brackets skillfully installed is not a undesirable strategy. A further drawback of the 50″ plasma glass monitor is that it reflects the mild which can lead to your impression to seem undesirable. When placing the monitor, you need to stay away from any space which will have make contact with with sunlight or other lighting sources for this purpose.


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